• 2019 Shaburi New Grand Menu

2019 New Grand Menu Launch

The best part of yakiniku is grilling the meat just the way you like it. At Kintan Buffet (aka golden tongue, 金舌, in Japanese) we offer a premium Japanese BBQ experience in a classy environment, at good value.


For Kintan menu, the new additions are: Basil ChickenChicken Cheese SausageThick Cut BaconDragon Karubi and Truffle Wagyu! Our new Basil Chicken is tender and juicy, with an incredible flavor with our homemade basil marinate. Chicken Cheese Sausage and Thick Cut Bacon are crowd pleasers that tastes great even without any sauce! Dragon Karubi, a cut from rib finger area, is juicy and tender with firm texture with beautiful marbling. Trust us, it tastes as good as it looks! Nothing beats the flavour of Wagyu Karubi. The fat melts when cooked to create an exceptionally rich and juicy texture you won’t get from other types of beef. Enjoy it with our new Truffle oil dip, for the rich and incredible flavor.