• S&K Japanese Wagyu Buffet

[NEW] Japanese Wagyu & Hokkaido Pork Buffet

Wagyu enthusiasts, bookmark this buffet! This is a rare opportunity to relish one of Japan's most coveted varieties of beef and pork. Shaburi & Kintan Buffet in JEM is offering an all-you-can-eat extravaganza of Japanese A4 wagyu and Hokkaido pork, available daily. Prices start from only $84.80++ for Shabu Shabu and $89.80++ per adult for Japanese BBQ.

The Seasonal buffet consists of Japanese Wagyu variety such as Shimofuri RosuChuckKarubi, and Nakaochi. Air-flown from Japan, every cut is top-tier from A4 to A5-grade. The meats are not only extremely marbled, it is packed with the distinctive umami flavor and lower melting point fat compounds that contribute to the melts-in-your-mouth sensation. Flavour-bomb dishes such as Aburi A4 Wagyu Sushi and A4 Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice are also available to easily put you into a blissful food coma.

For the Hokkaido pork “Premium Yongenton” variety, we have delicious cuts from the CollarJowl and Belly. Yongenton is a special crossbreed of 4 different pig species (Large Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and Chester White).  By crossing the Chester White, a tender pork with cherry blossom-like color was created. It is higher in protein, collagen, vitamin B1 and oleic acid compared to normal pork. The marbling is its greatest feature with silky smooth texture, soft creamy fat and delicate sweetness. Best consumed simply in hotpot or yakiniku to enjoy the superior quality. We highly recommend this as a “Must-Try” item for the top-quality taste experience!

In addition to the seasonal items, the restaurant also offers a wide selection of meat ranging from quality beef, pork, chicken and even seafood! There's something for everyone – salmon sushi, karaage, vegetable tempura, yakisoba, bibimbap and etc, perfect for gatherings of families and friends who want to sample a massive variety.